Philip Zave Photography

About Philip

Let's hang!


 I love to shoot:




and your uncles's big gala.


This is how it goes down —

1. Reach out, and let's chat.

2. Once we get a feel for each other, I'll suggest some ideas for the shoot

3. If you're feeling good, we can book the day, place, and work out all the details

4. We shoot!
(Don't worry if you think you don't like getting your photo taken, you will forget the camera is even there. I promise.)

5. You get to pick the photos you love, which are promptly edited and delivered to you via email

6. You will have the option to select and design a stunning album or wall art for your memories to live on forever!


If you are looking for a photographer that stands around and asks you to 'say cheese!!!' Then you might want to look elsewhere...

When we work together, we are really just hanging out, except I will have a camera with me.

Think of this less as a photoshoot and more as an adventure because let's face it, that's what life is ;-)

Let’s keep this shoot dairy free
— me

At this point you are probably thinking, nope, I'm usually pretty structured. It's all good, I got ya. I went to school for improv, so I know a couple of ways to make things fun. 

Awesome and beautiful and pretty moments happen every single day, and once you start looking for them, you will find them everywhere.

Let's discover and create some of these moments together.

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