Philip Zave Photography

About Philip

Welcome back.

Happy September!

I’m Philip.

I have been a working artist for over ten years.

You may have heard me on your local radio dial, or seen me acting on stage across the GTA.

I enjoy creating across a variety of art forms.

I produce documentaries.

I make music videos.

I have studied ‘the art of play’ in France.

I am a personal coach and consultant to a wide variety of artists.

I take photos to share with you some of the pleasure I feel when I make art.

That is why I have dedicated many years to the art of photography:

to offer YOU a slice of my love and servitude to living an artistic life.

Have you been thinking about a photoshoot?

With me, you are guaranteed a unique opportunity to explore and preserve the character of:

Your Family, Your Personal Brand or Your Special Event.

This is how it goes down —

1. Reach out, and let's chat.

2. Once we get a feel for each other, I'll suggest some ideas for the shoot

3. If you're feeling good, we can book the day, place, and work out all the details

4. We shoot!
(Don't worry if you think you don't like getting your photo taken, you will forget the camera is even there. I promise.)

5. You get to pick the photos you love, which are promptly edited and delivered to you via email

6. You will have the option to select and design a stunning album or wall art for your memories to live on forever!


Choose a photographer who has spent years honing his craft in photography and producing amazing experiences.

I am known for bringing my best energy to any space, creating comfortable and exciting moments for everyone involved.

Let’s document and share your life, and have fun doing it.

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