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Chelsea's Cake Smash

Yes, it is true. Chelsea is my niece, and that makes these photos mean so much more to me. There are few people on earth that I love to spend time with more than my sister and her amazing children.

Being an uncle is one of the most precious parts of my life. I am also grateful to my sister for the support she has shown me and my photography business over the years. She is my number one fan. And I am hers.

Please enjoy these photos of my niece’s Chelsea and Abby and their parents Suzanne and Josef. Check out Suzy and Josef’s personal training and nutrition business called Clean, Lean and Green!

cake smash-18.jpg
cake smash-21.jpg
cake smash-28.jpg
cake smash-37.jpg
cake smash-49.jpg
cake smash-53.jpg
cake smash-64.jpg
cake smash-39.jpg
cake smash-47.jpg
cake smash-48.jpg
cake smash-62.jpg
cake smash-77.jpg
cake smash-81.jpg
cake smash-83.jpg
Chels cake smash.jpg