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Growing up, I often felt misunderstood.

I was contemplative, sensitive, and I generally had a hard time fitting in with others.

Today I proudly wear the title of outlier and artist, but it took me years and years to recognize this is something to be proud of.

One of the most meaningful life lessons I ever had came to me in high school. I joined a class called Documenting History. In this class we learned the history of the war of 1812 and then, as a class, we created a feature length documentary about it by interviewing experts, filming reenactments and role playing.


In fact, we created 5 documentaries: the British perspective, the American perspective, the women’s perspective, and the Aboriginal perspective. We then created one feature length story combining all of these narratives.

Up until this point of my life I always thought life was about winning or losing, but in this class I learned that life can be about inquiry, creation and sharing. Since then, I have made it my life’s work to focus my playful, sensitive spirit on discovering the stories that live in other people, create art together with them and then proudly share the outcome.

As I learned in that Documenting History class, there are infinite perspectives. Each one is as beautiful and valuable as the others and this is how I approach my work as a photographer.


My goal is to get to know you:

Your passions.

Your life’s work

Your story.

With this wisdom, I determine how we can play together to expose the most beautiful sides of your personality.

You can see the results of my work with other artists and social entrepreneurs:


And Here.

As a special offer to those who support and participate in Speaker Slam, I am offering 25% percent off of my services if you choose to book before March 1st.

My basic package is $400 and includes a meeting where we uncover the magic of your life, a full one hour photoshoot and 6 edited, high resolution portraits for you to share with the world.

So, for you, the above package will be $300 if you book by March 31st.

But before you book, click here to reach out and let’s get to know each other a bit more.


Philip Zave