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My goal is create an online space for joy, reflection, growth, character and of course, beautiful memories. That is why I do not limit myself to a specific kind of photography. In this blog you will find work from my spectrum of creation. You will also find tips on taking beautiful photographs. Lastly, you will find some examples of who inspires me and why I love their work.

Adam's Personality Photoshoot

Adams Headshots

When I first heard of Adam Fearnall he was the president of the student council at Western University. My friend Patrick was producing his campaign video which helped to win him the presidential position.

A few years later Patrick suggested I meet Adam and his team who, at the time, were forming the London Youth Council, a group working towards getting young adults engaged in civics by shadowing the government of London, Ontario. A week later, I met him and his entire LYC leadership team, who helped me form a pitch that I was delivering to the management of CBC.

Now I no longer work at CBC, and Adam no longer runs the youth council, but we have kept contact as he follows his dreams of being a writer and artist and I follow my dreams of being a storyteller and arts advocate.

Here are our favourite selections from the personality photoshoot we did this past summer! Click on the images to enjoy them in full size.

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