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My goal is create an online space for joy, reflection, growth, character and of course, beautiful memories. That is why I do not limit myself to a specific kind of photography. In this blog you will find work from my spectrum of creation. You will also find tips on taking beautiful photographs. Lastly, you will find some examples of who inspires me and why I love their work.

Mya's Bat Mitzvah

Mya Bat Mitzvah collage (toronto ontario)

Looking back 17 years to the time of my Bar Mitzvah, I cared deeply about how our photographer made me feel.

When I met Mya knowing I may very well be shooting her Bat Mitzvah, I was keenly aware that at 12 years old, she too cared deeply about who would be capturing one of the most significant days of her life. Like any new teenager, she initially came across as shy and reticent.

As we chatted and went through my portfolio on her living room couch when her bubby (grandmother), I noticed a shift. A wave of energy bursted through her. At once you could see the glimmer in her eye - a deep excitement about her upcoming Bat Mitzvah. She had been working so hard studying the torah and helping to plan the event. It was marvellous to imagine with her how the day will unfold.

Her one request: can we make sure to do group photos with her and her closest friends?

Mya found that a lot of photographers never take the time to do single and group shots with best friends. I found this point rang true, my photographer never did took photos of me and my best friends and it would be nice to have today.

I am so happy with the way we worked together to make sure that all of Mya’s most important moments were captured in a fun, relaxing and playful way!

The best part of the entire experience — the look on Mya’s face when we were sitting on her living room couch once more, reviewing all of the photographs from that day. Mya continuously laughed about the silly things her friends were doing in the background of each photo.

Enjoy some of my favourites below.

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