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My goal is create an online space for joy, reflection, growth, character and of course, beautiful memories. That is why I do not limit myself to a specific kind of photography. In this blog you will find work from my spectrum of creation. You will also find tips on taking beautiful photographs. Lastly, you will find some examples of who inspires me and why I love their work.

Online store grand opening!

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I have received request after request from art lovers like yourself who want to buy a framed print of some my favourite work.

Well, the wait is over. My 2018 collections are finally here.

The Toronto Collection features images that capture the nostalgic romance of Toronto.

The Scotland Collection features images inspired by Walt Whitman’s famous line, “I am large, I contain multitudes.”

The Desert Collection features images that have been described as spiritual and ‘otherworldly.’

I have spared no expense by having them printed and framed here in Toronto at Pikto, one of the highest quality print boutiques in the city.

Please choose to support the success of my small business.

You can purchase one of these beautifully framed prints or an entire collection, which will become the talking piece of any room in your office, community space or home.

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