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My goal is create an online space for joy, reflection, growth, character and of course, beautiful memories. That is why I do not limit myself to a specific kind of photography. In this blog you will find work from my spectrum of creation. You will also find tips on taking beautiful photographs. Lastly, you will find some examples of who inspires me and why I love their work.

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Our love story
Philip and Jenny collage

Six years ago in Cuba, I found Jenny.

Flash forward to November 7th 2018, at the Grand Canyon, I asked for her hand, and foot, and hair.

Pretty much all of her.

In fact, all of all of her.

But sandwiched in between those years, we have gone through it all…

Less than a year after we met, I moved to Australia and volunteered at a variety of music and art festivals.

One year after that, Jenny moved to Korea to teach English.

Both me and Jenny live according to what we believe to be the greater good.

And yet, against all odds, our relationship has been resilient.

Jenny gives her full self to educating children and being a support system in their lives.

And I dedicate my life to creating artwork for others and nurturing artists.

We both believe that the ideal world is one where people are actively loving others AND pursing their dreams, even if these two ideas can contradict and cause pain.

But that is why we both let each other go to the other side of the earth, because we believe in seeing those we love soar.

This is how we live our lives and this is the love story we plan to share with the world in our upcoming blog Beyond Mulberry, where we will be providing insight to traveling on a dime and loving near and far.

Click on the link below to join our story by investing in our union of love.


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